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Greek Name: Cronus

Roman Name: Saturn

Role in Mythology : God of the sky; Ruler of the Titans (Roman mythology: God of agriculture)



Cronus was known as the ruler of the Titans. It is ironic to note that what he happened to do to his own father, was returned on him two-fold. Cronus was the one who overthrew his own father Uranus. Cronus was later himself dethroned by his own son Zeus. Cronus was so worried about being dethroned that he swallowed each of his children immediately after they were born. Rhea was able to trick him with his son Zeus. Instead of offering Cronus his son to devour, she instead wrapped a stone in a blanket and hid the real child away. There are varied tales of his upbringing, however, it is definitely known that he later returned to have his revenge. On a side note, is it also sometimes considered that Cronus may have been a corn-god in very ancient times. This is why he is often depicted holding the sickle, and why this was the weapon he chose to defeat his own father with.






















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